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RealtyOffer™ will connect you with top-rated agents in your area who will contribute part of their commission towards your closing costs! Welcome to RealtyOffer™

The New Way to Buy or Sell a Home

Purchasing a home is often the largest transaction a consumer will make in their lifetime. To this day, consumers are lost throughout the process. Sellers are paying too much commission, while there are no incentives to the buyer. RealtyOffer™ will connect the consumer with the agent, saving them money while avoiding the awkward negotiation. Our proprietary bidding platform is the first of its kind. RealtyOffer™ has automated the process of buying and selling a home while educating and saving the consumer thousands of dollars. RealtyOffer™ will allow agents to offer a percentage of their commission in order to pay for your upfront closing costs. Imagine getting paid to purchase a home!

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Need help with Closing Costs?

RealtyOffer™ agents are ready to help by contributing part of their commission toward your closing costs. This means you bring less money to the closing table!

How Much?

RealtyOffer™ clients have been receiving an average of 1% to 1.5% from our agents to be applied towards closing costs.

Example: $400,000 sale = $4,000 to $6,000 contributed towards your closing costs! See how much you can save below.

Buying Your Home

On average, RealtyOffer™ customers save 1.0%* when buying a new home using a RealtyOffer™ Agent.

Estimated Savings: $3,500.00 - $7,000.00

  • $2M
  • $1.5M
  • $1M
  • $500k
  • $100k

Estimated Purchase Price

Top Local Agents in Your Area

Experience is a must! Our local agents are licensed and vetted. All agents must have closed at least 12 transactions in the past year and have a license in good standing with the state and realtor associations.

RealtyOffer™ allows AI software to connect you with specialized agents in your area, that have the most experience with selling or buying a home.

No contracts, no obligation, no awkward negotiation. RealtyOffer™ empowers and educates the consumer – if you are not happy with your agent, simply cancel and start over. Completely free!

Need a live consultant, RealtyOffer™ will answer and guide you with any questions you have. Our founders have over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate industry.


Chat with one of our live consultants to get answers, or call us at (248) 915-2654.

Welcome to RealtyOffer

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