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Next Eye Inc. (RealtyOffer™) is a tech company based in Delaware with offices located in Northville, Michigan with a focus on real estate services. It was founded in 2018 by Thea Tuto and her team. The objective of RealtyOffer™ is to streamline and disrupt the real estate industry. The intent of the company is to help the 90% of agents who can’t find consistency and educate and empower the 90% of consumers that are unaware of certain incentives they can take advantage of. Agents will have consistent opportunities without needing to spend thousands on wasted marketing. Agents simply offer less commission to sell a home or offer part of your commission to a consumer to purchase a home (contributing toward their closing costs).

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First of its kind

RealtyOffer™ will connect the consumer with the agent, while removing the upfront negotiation. Our proprietary bidding platform is the first of its kind. RealtyOffer™ is preparing to disrupt the industry through innovation and technology.


RealtyOffer™ has developed a custom software application for connecting buyers/sellers with real estate agents. It is available on the web and as an app on the iOS and Android App Stores. It was created using the latest technologies standards including React and the .NET Framework, utilizing an ultra-secure, cloud-based infrastructure to ensure long-term scalability and to match the expected growth of its user base. Agents can vie for the consumer’s attention by competitively offering varying commission amounts and other fees/offers through a sophisticated bidding platform that also considers the consumers preferences in the type of agent they are looking for. The application has real-time notifications sent via email, SMS, and App Push to keep users engaged and up to date. It also makes use of several RESTful APIs, various open-source software, and a multitude of services for tracking analytics events, processing credit cards with PCI compliance, email subscription management, uptime stability, error reporting, and more.

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