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Need to sell your home and worried about paying high commission?

RealtyOffer™ will allow agents in your area to bid lower commission rates to win your business! Completely free.

Ready to Save Thousands of Dollars?

Save up to 2% when listing with a RealtyOffer™ agent

Within 24 hours you will receive the lowest commission offers to list and sell your home. Our clients are saving up to two percent off the typical commissions agents usually charge, which in turn is saving thousands of dollars! Use the calculator below to see how much a RealtyOffer™ agent can save you. No contracts, No obligation, No awkward negotiation

Selling Your Home

On average, RealtyOffer™ customers save up to $30,000 when listing their home using a RealtyOffer™

Estimated Savings: $5,000.00 - $7,500.00

  • $2M
  • $1.5M
  • $1M
  • $500k
  • $100k

Estimated Selling Price

Why Work with RealtyOffer™?

Finding the right Real Estate Agent

For over 100 years, the real estate industry has not been changed. Same documents, same agent, and same commission structure! RealtyOffer™ is meant to empower and educate the consumer. Our licensed and vetted agents will do the right thing for you.

Experience, guidance, trust and most of all, reduced commission guaranteed! RealtyOffer™ agents remove the stress from the experience of selling a home by providing market knowledge and expertise in the negotiation process. RealtyOffer™ will not only connect you with a top local agent, but we will also make sure you receive the best deal possible, as our agents bid to win!

Within 24 hours, RealtyOffer™ will allow top agents in your area to simply “Bid” lower commission to win your business – this means more money in your pocket at the closing.

RealtyOffer™ Agents are the top agents in your area

Experience is a must! Our local agents are licensed and vetted. All agents must have closed at least 12 transactions in the past year and have a license in good standing with the state and realtor associations.

RealtyOffer™ allows AI software to connect you with specialized agents in your area, that have the most experience with selling or buying a home.

No contracts, no obligation, no awkward negotiation. RealtyOffer™ empowers and educates the consumer – if you are not happy with your agent, simply cancel and start over. Completely free!

Need a live consultant, RealtyOffer™ will answer and guide you with any questions you have. Our founders have over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate industry.

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