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Do you spend thousands of dollars per month on marketing, hoping it will bring you leads, that just don't go anywhere?

Welcome to RealtyOffer! The one-stop shop for the buyer, seller, and agent.

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Here is how it works!

RealtyOffer will connect you with serious clients, while removing the upfront awkward negotiation. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on wasted real estate leads, agents will have the opportunity to simply bid for their next client. The bidding works two ways: choose to discount your commission for a sale, or offer part of your commission for a purchase... the amount is up to you. Everyone wins...

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Subscribe to your favorite cities/counties OR Bid For Free!

Subscribe to your favorite cities or counties... Through an AI-Digitized platform, RealtyOffer will send you serious clients that are ready to buy, sell, or both! Pricing varies based on area.


RealtyOffer also gives you the option to BID FOR FREE and purchase each individual lead you are awarded, for a $295 fee.

Bid your best...

The automated bidding works two ways: choose to discount your commission for a sale or offer part of your commission for a purchase, allowing the consumer to use the proceeds towards their closing costs and pre-paid items. The amount is up to you!

Client Selects Winning Agent

Within 24 hours, clients will choose their best offer and connect with a compatible agent in seconds. All through your smartphone.

Need a mortgage consultant/partner?

Second Opinion? Agents are standing by.

Our dedicated mortgage affiliates are vetted and work with the top banks in the country. Pre-approve your clients ahead of time before you submit an offer. We are not referring to a simple credit check. We are referring to pre-approvals from a direct underwriting system. This system reviews and verifies your client's information ahead of time. Don't get stuck!

  • Set your clients apart from other offers
  • Expedite your closings
  • Better reviews
  • More referrals
  • More business in your pocket

Ready to grow your business?

Pre-qualify now, Agent criteria:

  • Must be an agent for at least 12 months
  • Must have closed 12 transactions, six of which you were representing the seller
  • No penalties
  • Licensed
  • Active membership with a realtor association

Welcome to RealtyOffer

Same Agent, Less Commission.