Our Mission

Our Mission

The real estate industry has not changed in 100 years. Purchasing a home is often the largest transaction a consumer will make in their lifetime, and yet many are still confused and uneducated about the process. Sellers are paying too much commission, buyers are spending more than they need to, and agents are spending thousands of dollars on wasted marketing and leads that go nowhere. Additionally, the real estate market is one of the hardest industries to break into, with 10% of agents cornering the market while the remaining 90% struggle to close a deal.

The solution is RealtyOffer, the one-stop-shop for the buyer, seller, and agent. RealtyOffer will connect the consumer with the agent, while removing the upfront negotiation. Our AI-Digitized platform will be the first of its kind to enable savings for all parties involved in a real estate transaction: the seller, the buyer, and the agent.

The Objective of RealtyOffer

We intend to help the 90% of agents who can't find consistency in the real estate business and educate the 90% of consumers that are unaware of certain incentives they can take advantage of. Agents will have consistent opportunities at their fingertips without needing to spend thousands on wasted marketing. Agents simply offer the charge less commission to sell a home or offer part of their commission to a consumer that wants to purchase a home; pure savings for all parties involved.

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