Meet the RealtyOffer™ Team

The real estate industry has not changed in 100 years. Purchasing a home is often the largest transaction a consumer will make in their lifetime, and yet many are still confused and uneducated about the process. Sellers are paying too much commission, buyers are spending more than they need to, and agents are spending thousands of dollars on wasted marketing and leads that go nowhere. Additionally, the real estate market is one of the hardest industries to break into, with 10% of agents cornering the market while the remaining 90% struggle to close a deal.

The solution is RealtyOffer, the one-stop-shop for the buyer, seller, and agent. RealtyOffer™ will connect the consumer with the agent, while removing the upfront negotiation. Our AI-Digitized platform will be the first of its kind to enable savings for all parties involved in a real estate transaction: the seller, the buyer, and the agent.

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Thea Tuto

Co-Founder & CEO

Thea Tuto is co-founder and chief executive officer of RealtyOffer, the first automated bidding platform of its kind, designed to educate and empower consumers looking to buy or sell a home and connect them with top-rated certified agents.

Since becoming a licensed real estate agent in 2015, Thea has represented hundreds of buyers and sellers in southeast Michigan. Her experience as an agent led her to want to modernize and streamline the real estate transaction process for buyers, sellers and agents, fueling the creation of RealtyOffer, which launched in 2021.

Thea attended Wayne State University in Detroit and she currently resides in Northville, Michigan with her husband and three daughters.

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Keith Hearns

Partner & Designer in Chief

Keith has spent the last 15 years as a UX Consultant in Metro Detroit.

Keith has worked to help companies across multiple different industries, including e-commerce, utilities, healthcare, financial, and automative with their UX needs, ranging from simple design updates, to complete digital transformations.

In his free time, Keith spends most of this time with his kids, and can be found watching 1 of the 3 participate in sports on any given field or gym throughout Michigan.

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Tony Mamo

Senior Software Engineer

Tony is a software engineer with UX/UI designer skills, with over 15 years of professional experience, specializing in architecting scalable, maintainable front end systems paired with easy to use and beautiful looking interfaces. He is devoted to working on projects that move the world forward through innovative software. Tony has industry experience within recruitment, healthcare, e-commerce, logistics, and non-profit charity environments.

Based out of Metro Detroit, outside of his work life he is a woodworker, photographer, musician, foodie, adventurer, husband, and dad.

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Mark Duhaime


Mark is the founder of Galileo Insights, a group of technology and product thinkers who help start-ups accelerate their maturity in product, process, operations and culture. Mark brings teams and systems together into one cohesive system that shifts the organizational mindset from start-up chaos, to thoughtful focus on product maturity and market acceptance. The team uses Fortune disciplines to add just the right amount of structure without becoming bureacratic.

Mark and his team specialize in modern software development methods including lean and agile to provide teams the structure required to be credible with investors and potential acquirers. Mark has deep vertical understanding of both HealthCare and Manufacturing.

Mark is the former CIO of Optum, a Healthcare Services Company. Prior to that, as SVP of Application Development at UnitedHealth Group, he led a multi-national team of 10,000 software developers and matured their transition to Agile Development. He also was the Executive Director of Application Development at Ford where he spent 20+ years delivering technology to product development, finance, purchasing and in-vehicle entertainment.

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