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August 18, 2021 | 3 min read

Like almost all businesses, real estate agents are spending a large amount of money on marketing online and offline hoping to generate high quality leads.

Like almost all businesses, real estate agents are spending a large amount of money on marketing online and offline hoping to generate high quality leads. Their revenues and profits depend to a large extent on the number and quality of the real estate leads they have access to. If the agent gets only a few leads, his revenues will be low. Even if he gets more leads, and lead quality is poor, he will waste his time trying to convert leads into orders, feel frustrated and his marketing budget would have been wasted. To overcome this problem, RealtyOffer has developed a new system to help real-estate agents generate high quality leads at a price which they can afford.

RealtyOffer has a list of serious property buyers and sellers in different cities or counties. To ensure that the leads are of the highest quality, RealtyOffer is using artificial intelligence (AI) and verifies the information provided. The agent can subscribe to both the sell or buy leads or either sell or buy leads in any area of his choice. The cost of the leads will vary depending on the city or area. Alternately the agent can bid for each lead available for free, and then pay a flat fee of $295 for each lead he wins.

RealtyOffer allows the agent to reduce the commission he charges for a listing so that the seller gets a better price for the sale. Similarly, he can bid how much of his commission he wants to contribute to a buyer’s purchase, and the buyer can use this money toward closing costs, such as title fees, homeowner’s insurance, escrow, etc. The agent is free to reduce the commission he is charging to the extent he/she is comfortable, since RealtyOffer is trying to get the best possible deal for the property buyer or seller. After the bids have been submitted, the client can compare the 3 offers received to select a suitable agent.

One of the main advantages of using RealtyOffer is that the entire transaction can be conveniently completed on the smartphone. For each listing, complete information is provided like the approximate price, location and type of home required like ranch type, apartment, colonial home. Additionally if there is a mortgage on the home, the amount of the mortgage pending is also indicated, so that the buyer can take a decision accordingly. Home sellers who wish to purchase a new home, after selling their current home, can also list their requirement for a new home.

To ensure that the home buyers and sellers are dealing with well trained and professional agents, RealtyOffer only allows pre-qualified agents to access the real estate leads which are being generated. To pre-qualify, the agent should have been selling or purchasing real estate for at least one year. He should have closed at least twelve transactions, and should be representing the property seller in at least six transactions. The agent should have no penalties imposed on him. Additionally, only licensed realtors who are active members of a recognized realtor association can apply to bid on leads generated through RealtyOffer.

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